Why Mitt Romney needs to win big in Michigan to continue in the race.

I have said this before and I will have to say it again, this 2012 Presidential Campaign and/or Election for the Republican candidate has been more curvy and more ups and downs than a roller coaster.  One moment it appears that Mitt Romney looks to be the clear choice, then another moment Rick Santorum gets momentum and wins some states including three in one day and then there is Newt Gingcrich who took off in South Carolina but has not been heard since.  Now do not get me wrong, I strongly and firmly believe that every State in every Presidential primary and/or caucus is very important and will be a key factor before the GOP (Grand Old Party) convene for the 2012 Republican National Convention to make their final choice of who will battle Barack Obama in the November 2012 Presidential Elections.  Each and every State primary and State caucus is significant but we are slowly running out of time and out of states and to this moment, the Republican party does not appear to have a very clear choice right now the GOP is still highly divided and the Democratic party is enjoying this because that will give them a little edge and quite possibly an advantage which may put Barack Obama back in the White House for four more years what the Republican Party and the rest of the United States wanted to prevent.  This brings me to the subject of the upcoming Michigan primary, Mitt Romney has to win Michigan but not only win in Michigan but win very big to start running away with the Republican Presidential nomination and start concentrating on the 2012 Presidential Election against Barack Obama.  The reason why Michigan is so very important in this Presidential Primary for the GOP because it is a highly indudtrial and both Blue-collar and White-collar state where hard working Americans earn their dollar and they do not want to see their taxes wasted on government non-sense and useless things that our country just does not need, so when Michigan voters go the polls for their Primary they will be looking for a Presidential candidate who will not only have good Leadership sense but also good Financial and Economy sense as well.  Believe it or not the major theme in this upcoming 2012 Presidential Election will be the Economic crisis, the large deficit and the high unemployment rate all over the United States.  I am still hoping that Mitt Romney selects Rick Santorum as his running mate and/or as Vice President because Santorum has some great Leadership skills as well and you know the old saying two smart heads are better then one.